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With over 40 years of experience, the founders of Affordable Generator Services have been building, repairing, and servicing generators. Our company was born out of the realization that customers just deserved better when it comes to generator service and repair.

With a feeling of a lack of accountability in the industry toward the customer, Affordable Generator Services realized there was a genuine opportunity to give reliable, value priced generator services without compromising the quality of the service and the customer centered focus. Our customers agree, and since its inception the company has grown exponentially each year.

We provide 24 hour service on all makes, models and types of generator and emergency equipment. Our expertise gives us the opportunity to solve unusual and unconventional problems in the way that is best for our customers. From selective data center decommissioning to surplus generators, we install, maintain and repair new and used generators and other emergency equipment.

Quality Industrial Plans

The philosophy of Affordable Generator Service is to treat all customers, vendors, associates, and staff like trusted partners. We want to maintain and grow those relationships while increasing the influence and customer base of the company. We strive to view all interactions from our customers or partners view point. In other words we consider every situation from the vantage point of what is right for the customer and strive always to give the best value in service and repair.