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"We were advised by Edison that they had a planned power outage coming our way that would last at least 10 hours. We tested our backup generator and it quit working after 5 minutes! Panicking we called AG and they responded immediately and within a few hours had installed an emergency generator and while that was running, they fixed our backup. They impressed us by showing up during the outage to make sure everything was running smoothly! Their expertise and professionalism was a pleasure to work with."

Major Hotel Chain

Emergency Generator Rentals

From emergency generator rentals to planned events, Affordable Generator Services offers top-of-the-line generators for your power rental needs. Let us help you be prepared for a scheduled or emergency outage, building repair, or switch gear failure. We are prepared for any situation, are you?

Do you have an emergency contingency plan? For our power sensitive companies like hospitals, convalescent homes, packaging, production, etc., with our pre designed plan, in the event of an emergency we have you back online fast!

For those events that you plan such as entertainment, parties, concerts, carnivals, or corporate events and fairs, we have the power solutions you need.

When you rent a power solutions from Affordable Generators you can expect:

  • Sizing of generator you need based on the location and length of usage (We estimate peak demand and hours and/or days of usage and size accordingly).
  • Detailed instructions on pickup and delivery.
  • Connections, cables, distribution panel, and cable ramps as necessary.
  • Fuel monitoring and service.
  • Fuel delivery and adequate supply.
  • Disconnect and clean up.
  • Generator removal.

Contact us today for a reliable and affordable power solution for your business.