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"A local city had a power outage which caused some people to be stuck in the elevator! They had an emergency generator, but it was too small to include the elevator. As soon as the employees got out of the elevator they called AGS and we supplied them with the correct generator for their building so if they lose power again their emergency generator will keep things going. Our solution will power their entire building if necessary!"

Local Municipality

Industrial Generators

Affordable Generator Services offers a full line of commercial-grade (20kW to 2500kW) generators and transfer switches. Our generators include propane powered, natural gas, liquefied natural gas powered and diesel powered industrial generators. Our transfer switches allow switching between power sources for uninterrupted power. Whether you need a portable generator, standby generator, marine generator, or commercial APU, our industrial generators are suited for any of your power requirements.

We provide a strong, reliable power solution for when you need it. Our power solutions are optimum for a variety of industries such as Emergency Portables, Retail, Grocery Stores, Cold Storage, Fire, Life, Safety, Police and Fire Departments, Hospitals, Banks, Manufacturers, Data Centers, Municipality, Well Sites and more.

We sell and service commercial-grade generator brands that provide high level output and reliable power. See a list of the top brands we provide below:

  • Caterpillar™
  • Cummins/Onan™
  • Kohler™
  • MTU On site energy™
  • Katolite™
  • Detroit Diesel™
  • MulitQuip/Multi Power™
  • Triton™
  • SDMO™
  • Broadcrown™
  • Generac™
  • Shindaiwa™

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