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"Even though we have extensive experience in metal reclamation, we partnered with AG because of their expertise in selective removal of sensitive high value electrical gear. If it's not removed correctly, it can't be resold and becomes scrap. Their efficiency and creative project management model ensures success and a lucrative return on our investment. We continue to reap the benefits of their ability to deliver even under the most difficult time constraints and circumstances."

National metal reclamation and selective demo company

We pay cash and remove it fast!

Used Generator Equipment

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Because of our unique and superior expertise and our vast network of used equipment buyers and sellers we have the capability to source your new equipment needs with surplus equipment at an extreme value with a short lead time. We purchase all makes, models, and years regardless of location and condition. We can control the cost of removal due to our in house rigging capabilities.

Used Electrical Equipment

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We purchase and sell all makes of used automatic transfer switches, distribution panels, UPS battery systems, transformers, circuit breakers and A/C units. We provide in house removal and can substantially save you in time and cost. Our removal packages include fire suppression systems, raised flooring, fiber optic cable racks and associated items.

We also purchase used electrical wire, cable, and conduit for cash and remove it fast! No job too big or too small. We have the training and expertise to methodically disassemble and package so that the systems can be reinstalled with minimal effort and cost at another location.

Recently we removed all of the electrical supply and distribution systems and associated items from a 100,000 sq ft building. Also included were the UPS and A/C systems. We reinstalled it all for a client in another state to their complete satisfaction.

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